Background of Event

The Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as the DIPI FIB UI) is one of the oldest higher education institutions to provide educational programs in the field of library, information, and archives science in Indonesia. Since 1952, the DIPI FIB UI has initiated many innovative and novel study programs produced by its esteemed professors and lecturers. As a library and information science pioneer, DIPI FIB UI introduces new ideas to the field each year through academic events such as international conferences and seminars. In addition, DIPI FIB UI has hosted numerous programs, discussions, and colloquiums over the years. Library and information science is an interdisciplinary subject that is related to many other fields, including computer science, information systems, communications, management, documentation, archival science, library science, and social science. However, no matter how you approach it, information is at the core of library and information science. This year, in concordance with the 70th Anniversary of DIPI FIB UI, we would like to announce the 4th International Conference on Library, Archives, and Information Sciences (ICOLAIS), a multidisciplinary gathering that welcomes scientists and scholars from all fields related to library and information science. The proposed theme for this year’s conference is ‘Expanding the Horizons of Information Science’, which will act as a catalyst to discuss multidisciplinary library and information science topics. Through this theme, we hope to involve many professionals with roles indirectly related to the field of library and information science, such as architecture, information systems, computer science, data analytics, and many others. At the 4th ICOLAIS event, an ‘iSchool Launch’ will also be held to celebrate the admission of DIPI FIB UI as the first institution in Indonesia to join iSchools, an international organization dedicated to advancing the information field.


The 70th Anniversary of DIPI FIB UI has the following objectives:

  • Serve as an international event that introduces, discusses, and presents current, innovative, and multidisciplinary topics in the field of library, archive, and information science.
  • Establish DIPI FIB UI as a leading institution in Indonesia’s library and information science field.
  • Strengthen the bonds between DIPI FIB UI and other related organizations worldwide, primarily through the iSchools organization.
  • Familiarize university students with a culture of knowledge sharing and networking.